venerdì 12 marzo 2010

Ibrido di Cardellino - Cardellino X Canarino

It’s popular crossbreeding in Europe, usually it’s most common between finches breeders and canaries lovers.
This crossbreeding creation’s principal purpose is to create a perfect singer, with the canary’s vocal power and goldfinch’s melody.

Usually to get this result it needs crossbreed a male goldfinch with a female canary.

Some breeders prefer the opposite crossbreed, more difficult to realize, the resulting hybrid will have the female canary’s silhouette and the male goldfinch’s vocal system, the final look may be illusory for an inexperienced eye, the result will be a very good singer goldfinch.

In both crossbreeding males and females children will be NOT fertile.

Females hybrids can’t sing at all and are not fertile, but they can be used as very good nurses.

Usually copulation will happens from half April to July (in natural light condition), so the reproducers must be raedy, in fact goldfinchers goes on heat a month later then canarys.

Tip: In case of male goldfinch with a female canary, is possible let her to brood on not fertile hatch until the natural leaving of nest by the female. So we can take off the nest, and replace after a week again along male golfincher.

This problem don’t verify in the opposite case and it’s possible join the couple directly when female golfincher just starts build new nest.

There are many thing to say about this subject, I postpone them to next post!!!

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